Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Issues Published by Sciedu Press in March 2013

1.  Research in World Economy has just published its latest online issue at http://www.sciedu.ca/journal/index.php/rwe/issue/view/139.

2.  International Journal of Business Administration has just published its latest online issue at http://www.sciedu.ca/journal/index.php/ijba/issue/archive

3.  Business and Management Research, which is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, published by Sciedu Press quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 1, has been published. Please download the e-journal in PDF from http://www.sciedu.ca/bmr

4.   The World Journal of English Language (ISSN 1925-0703) has just published its latest articles at http://www.sciedu.ca/wjel .  Readers may visit WJEL's website to view articles and other items of interest.

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