Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sciedu Press is Calling for Papers

1.      Journal of Business Administration Research is calling for papers. www.sciedu.ca/jbar

2.      Business and Management Research (BMR) is seeking original research articles that are  hypothetical and theoretical in its nature and that provide exploratory insights in the fields of General Management, Business Law, Marketing Theory and Applications, Business Finance and Investment, General Business Research, Business and Economics Education, etc. www.sciedu.ca/bmr

3.      English Linguistics Research (ELR) encourages and publishes research papers in the fields of English language, applied English linguistics, theoretical English linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, comparative linguistics, and dialectology. We are seeking submissions for forthcoming issue published in June 2013. www.sciedu.ca/elr

4.      Accounting and Finance Research (AFR) is seeking submissions for forthcoming issues. http://www.sciedu.ca/afr

5.      Research in World Economy publishes theoretical studies and empirical articles from various economic areas, including general economic theory, political economics, economic history and population, resources and environmental economics. The journal also covers related economic topics such as national economics, finance, industrial economics, labor economics, international trade, statistics, social science, quantitative economics, demography and more. www.sciedu.ca/rwe

6.      Journal of Solid Tumors publishes research articles and reviews in the broad area of cancer research. The journal places emphasis on the molecular and cell biology of solid tumors, oncogenes, carcinogenesis, radiation biology, molecular pathology, hormones and cancer, viral oncology, biology of cancer and metastasis, molecular cytogenetics, epidemiology; and experimental therapeutics. Randomized controlled trials, especially phase III trials and evidence-based meta-analysis or pooled analysis related to specific trials are preferred clinical papers. www.sciedu.ca/jst

7.      International Journal of Financial Research is dedicated to rapid review and dissemination of articles submitted. It’s our great honor to invite you to contribute new manuscripts to our journal. www.sciedu.ca/ijfr

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