Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sciedu Press Became a Sustaining Supporter of Callforpapers.info

Sciedu is actually a shortened combination of 'science' and 'education'. Sciedu Press is a private scientific publishing house, which specializes in publishing scholarly journals, and scientific and educational books. The journals cover a broad range of fields like management, business, engineering, science, medicine, and social sciences. Apart from the necessary publishing functions, Sciedu Press also sponsors research projects and promotes international cooperation in science, education, and culture.
Callforpapers.info provides a platform for research based communication between publishers and scholars. It functions by encouraging publishers to post their call for papers information and guidelines on their website, which provides exceptional assistance to scholars when they wish to print their articles. Currently sponsored byCanadian Center of Science and Education, which provides funds, web hosting facilities and ect, callforpapers.info has helped a large number of researchers get their work published.
Recently, Sciedu Press started sponsoring callforpapers.info to help them achieve their aim of creating a superior platform where researchers can connect with publishers easily.
How to Make A Guest Post On Callforpapers
The best part about Callforpapers.info is that a 'call for papers' ad can be posted for free on the website. However, if the ad is from an illegitimate journal, it is automatically removed. Journals are identified to be legitimate or note-based on following considerations:
  • The journal conducts a thorough peer-review
  • The journal conducts plagiarism detection for all submissions
  • The journal has an ISSN number
A username and login can be registered free on callforpapers.info, where the journals can then select the 'call for papers' sections where they can choose the category to post the ad in. The journal title or conference name is also to be mentioned in the post subject.
"Callforpapers" Provides Convenient Service For Scholarly Publishers
Callforpapers serves as a valuable platform for scholarly publishers. It allows them to easily post ads on their website to bring in research papers from around the world. Any legitimate scholarly publisher wanting to post an ad for their journals can utilize the Callforpapers ad feature conveniently. The best part is that through sponsorships from Canadian Center of Science and Education and Sciedu Press, Callforpapers provides startup website to promote scholarly journals and research in the fields of science and education.
Be A Part Of Callforpapers!
There aren't many websites around that provide a platform that allows publishers and scholarly researchers to connect. Callforpapers is doing an exceptional job by benefitting both researchers and publishers, along with making the research available internationally. It is not a profit-based organization, and all the operations are based on sponsorships and support. You can also be a part of Callforpapers.info by donating or sponsoring as much as you can. This would not only be a great step on your behalf to create awareness and promote education regarding important research around the world, but you will also be able to help a large pool of scholarly researchers get their work published!
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Sciedu Press Calls for Authors to Retain Copyright on Their Articles

 Sciedu Press (Linkedin) is an open access publisher, boasting a vast variety of scholarly publications and journals in extensive fields such as Biology, Humanities and Economics. We aim to make the access of information easier, and through our journals, hope to facilitate advancements in various fields of study.
We believe in a strong ethical code, where authors should retain the copyrights to their work, with the publisher holding first publication rights. Authors should be able to share and post their publications on other websites as well, and our mission is to make it possible for them to do so.
As the world advances at an unprecedented rate, it has become a necessity for researchers to be able to learn from their colleague's research, so that they may be able to facilitate their research. In today's modern era of the internet, where information is available at the click of a button, this process is made easier with online publishers such as Sciedu.
We respect the author's hard work and dedication in compiling a research, and understand the frustration of not being able to share their findings with the rest of the world. Many for-profit websites charge a substantial fee for access to research documents, which can cause a hindrance in research and development.
As we believe in the free flow of information, most of our documents and publications are available free of cost. Not only this, but we also allow the authors to share their work elsewhere, including their own website, to facilitate the spread of knowledge. Through our balanced policy, the author gains recognition in his field of study, while having the freedom to use his work elsewhere as well.
Due to the recent Elsevier takedown notice controversy, where thousands of educational institutes, including Harvard, were sent notices to take down published journals from their websites, many authors are a bit hesitant to publish their work through a publication. We ensure authors a sense of security to share their work, giving them due credit by entitling them full copyrights for their published journals.
Through our contributions to the various fields of study, we wish to facilitate professionals, by making thousands of research documents accessible to them with the click of a button. Along with that, we encourage authors to share their research on their own website as well.